We have extensive experience in the investigation and administration of seaman injury claims. This includes virtually all domestic fisheries, work boats, research vessels, cruise ships and pleasure craft. In addition, we handle other maritime liability matters such as vessel sinkings, collisions/allisions, cargo claims and subrogation.

Vehicle and General Liability
We are experienced in handling automobile, truck and general liability claims. These range from the basic fender bender or slip and fall to more catastrophic matters. We are equipped to conduct on-site investigations, locate witnesses and obtain statements as well as coordinate appraisers and other experts.

Employment Practices Liability
We have investigated a wide array of employment practice liability matters. The scope of our investigations include sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, as well as Americans with Disabilities Act and state disability act claims. While we specialize in investigations involving large institutions, such as universities and hospitals, we are equally adept at working with smaller employers. Mindful of the sensitive nature of such matters, our clients are guaranteed confidentiality.

We are equipped to provide our clients with general investigative services such as witness location, interviews, information gathering and incident scene photography. While our efforts are often a prequel to or part of litigation they can serve non-legal interests as well. If necessary, we stand ready to recommend the involvement of forensic experts such as computer analysts, accountants and engineers.